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ACTi is pleased to unveil the newest S-megapixel indoor and outdoor hemispheric domes from I Series, 151 and 171, which will amaze you with an unparalleled performance you have never experienced before.

The new Milestone Husky M50 Advanced is an optimized and easy-to-install NVR with advanced XProtect software for leading-edge distributed infrastructures.

Equipped with fisheye lens, the indoor 151 and outdoor 171 are able to capture the entire scene that was traditionally covered by sever- al conventional cameras, providing a panorama image with a natural and sharp look thanks to the powerful built-in dewarping technology. Additionally, they contain various viewing modes for different applications — they may be used as static cameras with panoramic view for a general overview of a site, or as digital PTZ cameras that monitor one or more specific areas at a time.

Powered by a sensor of high sensitivity with ACTi's unique ISP, 151 and 171 can produce an image with extremely clear detail in color mode even under low light conditions. The Advanced WDR feature also helps produce clear image details under high contrast environments. such as building entrances or rooms with large windows. No matter how complicated the lighting conditions are, ACTi's latest I Series hemispheric domes can definitely deliver the best quality and satisfy your surveillance needs.

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